Frequently Asked Questions




Greenhouse   –   Introductions     

What   is   a   Greenhouse?     

It is a building, room, or area, usually made out of glass or plastic in which the temperature and other conditions are maintained within a desired range, used for cultivating plants or growing plants out of season. 


How  does  a  greenhouse  work?     

The greenhouse works by collecting light and converting it to heat. In addition to capturing light the greenhouse also stores thermal energy and releases that energy properly. It can moderate temperature and produce a controlled environment for plants to grow and thrive in. Further, a greenhouse offers protection from wind, rain, snow, lightning and other weather elements while keeping your crops from being invaded by pest and animals.

Moreover, the greenhouse is a closed-­‐in environment, which means there are no breezes to push the heat away as well as the pollinated seeds. The structure is often made of glass or special UV treated plastic material that permeates particular rays of the sun.  Without a breeze, the air within the greenhouse heats up quickly   and remains warm. This creates the   ideal   area for plants to grow.

What   is   a   greenhouse   used   for?     

  • A simple greenhouse is used to grow crops out of season,
  • It is used as a nursery to start seedlings for the next season.
  • It can be used to produce, multiply and purify a wide variety of seeds.
  • It can be used to introduce new plant species

What   is   the   origin   of   Greenhouses?     

It   started   in Italy   around   the   13thcentury   and   then   spread   to   the Netherlands and England and now   in   Cameroon   thanks   to   GreenHouse   Ventures   Ltd.

What   is   a   greenhouse   made   up   of?     

Our low cost greenhouses are made of special ultra violet (UV) treated plastics constructed using local wood and/or metal.

Greenhouse   –   Crops     

What   are   the   things   that   are   cultivated   in   the   Greenhouse?     

They   include;   vegetables,   flowers,   fruits,   some   tubers,   and associated   plants   etc.   In   general   any    crop   can   be grown   in a greenhouse adapted for that particular purpose.

Can   a   Greenhouse   be   used   as   a   Nursery?     

Yes, greenhouses can be used to nurse plants, flowers and trees.


How   long   do   crops   take   to   be   ready   for   harvest   in   the   Greenhouse?     

It depends on the crops which are   being   grown,   but   the   crops   in   the greenhouse take half the time crops   take   outside   to   be   ready   for harvest.

Does   the   cultivation   in   Greenhouses   follow   the   farming   season?     

No, Cultivation in greenhouse is   year-­‐round

What   are   the   Advantages   of   growing   in   a   Greenhouse?     

  • The ability to control temperature    and other factors therein
  • The ability to control  pests and animals    and other external factors
  • Reduction of carbon footprints
  • High quality of crop produced
  • Prolonged production period
  • Efficient utilization of watering
  • Low cost of labor that is spraying and weeding
  • High   quality of crop produced
  • Timely crop   production, marching   to   high   market   demands
  • Savings on chemical inputs
  • Less   exposure   to   chemical   toxins
  • The   ability to grow out of season
  • Conservation of   soil   and   soil’s   nutrients
  • Minimizes effect of global warming by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in   the   atmosphere
  • Cost   effect   agriculture   production

Why   do   plants   tend   to   grow   faster   and   larger   in   Greenhouses   ?     

  • Plants take in carbondioxide and give out oxygen. A greenhouse helps in containing atmospheric carbondioxide among other greenhouses gases needed for   plant   growth   and   make   them   available   to   plants.
  • UV treated plastic enables he penetration of   particular rays of the sun  that foster plant growth.
  • The ability to control and monitor the     climate     in     the     greenhouse gives an added advantage of giving the plants just what is needed.
  • The soil in greenhouse is not washed   off   by   rain   or   wind   therefore allowing the plants to maximize the soils’ potential   and   grow   better
  • Strong   winds   have   a   tendency   of   distorting   pollination   but   in   a   greenhouse, pollination   occurs   effectively   and   efficiently.
  • The greenhouse soil does not have the potential of harboring harmful disease and pest. As such plants concentrate on healthy growth rather than repair and defense.
  • The controlled humidity, keeps the air moist for peak plant growth, thereby reducing water stress by watering the roots and providing a humid simple Ideas with Remarkable Change environment which allows each plant to concentrate its energy on fruiting and flowering.


 How   do   the   crops   get   the   penetration   of   sun   light   in   Greenhouses?     

Greenhouse plastics or glass are transparent and thus allow for entry of sunlight.

Are   ridges   made   in   Greenhouses?     

Sometimes based on what is being cultivated in the greenhouse

How   is   water   supplied   in   the   Greenhouse?     

Water can be supplied in the Greenhouse through the use drip irrigation system and manual supply of water through the use of watering cans, nearby stream, taps etc.

How   are   pest   and   insects   managed   in   a   Greenhouse?     

  • Proper   management   of   entry   and   exit   doors   to   minimize   the   entry   of   pests.
  • Sterilization of working materials to prevent, minimize cross contamination
  • Constant monitoring of crops so as eliminate any potentials of spread of attacks.
  • Utilization of insecticides and pesticides if and when necessary
  • Wearing special cloths to work in the greenhouse and as needed from time to time.

Are  chemicals  used  to  enhance  the  growth  of  crops  in  the Greenhouse?    

It is relative. If you want to grow organically then you will minimize use of chemicals and/or use organic chemicals when needed.  Greenhouses do better with use of natural manure and proper management.

What role  does  the climate  play with regards to the crops in the Greenhouse?     

The climatic condition in the greenhouse is more controlled and thus it enhances the growth of the plants in the greenhouses.

How is  the  climatic   condition   controlled   in   the   Greenhouse?    

This   can be   controlled by opening   the   side   flaps during   hot   days   and rolling them down during   cold   days.

In   the   West,   heaters   could   be   used   to   heat   up   the   greenhouse   during   the extremely cold season and the use of the cooling system or fans to cool   the   greenhouse   during hot seasons.

How   are   the   weeds   controlled   in   the   Greenhouse?     

  1. Light   hand   weeding
  2. Plastic   mulching   and   /or   bed   blankets can also be used   to prevent weeds.

How   is   the   timely,   regular   crop   management   observed   in   the   Greenhouse?     

This   involves   nursing,   transplanting,   pruning,   watering

What   are   some   necessary   tips   for   succeeding   with   a   greenhouse?     

  • Test   the   soil for nutrient   level and   ensure   it’s   free from pathogens.
  • To   avoid   drippers   from   impasse, use   clean   filtered   water.
  • Apply   the   correct   fertilizers   and   chemicals   at   the   right time.
  • Always use the correct certified seeds recommended for   greenhouse    .
  • Disinfect your hands, clothing and all working   tools
  • Scouting regularly is   advised.
  • Observe timely and regular routine crop   management.

Greenhouse   –   Construction     

How   long   does it   take   to   construct   a   Greenhouse?     

2 – 3 working days   on   the   average for a metal greenhouse and 5 – 7 days for a wooden greenhouse.

  Is there  a  special  kind  of  wood   or metal  that     is  used for  the  construction of  the greenhouse?    

Any   hard   wood   is   good.   Our   wood   is   treated   for   termites   and   water   penetration   to enable it last   longer.

      How   does   the   greenhouse   contribute   to   enhance   the   nature   of   the   crops?     

Our greenhouse plastic contains some properties that repels fungi and enhances fruit color and taste.

What   is   the   dimension   of     the   available   Greenhouses?     

There   are   two   dimensions   available;

8m   x   15m

They   can   also   be   constructed   in   different   dimensions   based   on   need   and   customer preference.

Greenhouse   –   Environment     

What   are   the   effects   of   Greenhouses   in   the   environment?     

  • Greenhouses     contain     greenhouse     gases     thereby     minimizing     their     harmful effects to the   atmosphere   such   as   global   warming
  • Greenhouses are   useful   in   reducing   carbon   footprints
  • Greenhouses   are   instrumental   for   soil   conservation     
  • Our greenhouse plastics are recyclable so have no harmful effect to the environment     



What   is   the   cost   of   a   Greenhouse?   


The     cost     starts     from    500.000   FCFA     and     above     depending     on the dimension, durability and type of plastic used. GHV  Ltd   is   introducing several models to subsidize   and   reduce   cost   for   target  customers.


How   can   Greenhouses   enrich   the   farmers?     

With   our   greenhouses   and   business   model,   we   can   guarantee   users   with   increased productivity   and   profitability.

What   value   can   Greenhouses   add   to   the   health   and   socio   economic   standards   of   the country?  

  • Production   and   availability   of   high   valued   foods   year   round
  • Job   creation   and   entrepreneurship

  Is  the soil not  depleted   during   cultivation  in   the  Greenhouse?    

Applying   crop   rotation   in   the   greenhouse   helps   to   conserve   the   soil   and   retain   its natural content, so the soil   is   not   depleted   in   the   process.


How   does   the   Greenhouse   contribute   in   the   reduction   of   carbon   footprint?     

Greenhouses   greatly   reduce   the   carbon   footprint   due   to   its   proximity   to   home   for many   tentative   users.


How   is   the   pollination   managed   in   the   greenhouse?     

Our   manually   controlled   vents   permit   the   smooth   and   effective   pollination   of   crops in   the   greenhouses.

If I pay for a greenhouse will GHV manage my greenhouse?

It depends if you pay for management fee

Can GHV provide a ready market for my products when it’s ready to sell? 

Yes if we managed your greenhouse that way we can be sure of the quality of the output to place on our markets.

Can I get a bigger dimension of a greenhouse given that I own a vast land?

You can own multiple greenhouses but not advisable to go for larger sizes as it can be complicated to manage.

How many plants can a greenhouse take?

It depends on what is being grown and the ecological properties in the area.

Where   is   the   greenhouse   farm   located?     

We have several farms in Yaounde, Douala and Limbe. Visitation is strictly upon approval from top management. Contact us to schedule a visit.

Where   is   your   office   located?     

We work remotely since we spend more time on the farms. We schedule most of our appointments on the farms closer to where the client is located.